Évora Molten Salt Platform (EMSP)

With the Évora Molten Salt Platform (EMSP), DLR is operating a unique test facility together with the Portuguese University of Évora and European industrial partners. The goal is to further develop technologies for solar thermal power plants and make them more competitive. To achieve this, the partners are using molten salt as a heat transfer medium instead of thermal oil. The advantage of molten salt is that it is available at lower cost and enables higher working temperatures. This means that electricity can be provided up to 20 percent cheaper. Solar thermal power plants use concentrated sunlight to first produce heat and then generate electricity. They are one of the few currently available options that are able to provide energy from a renewable source in a continuous and controllable way.

The live event will give exclusive insights into the technologies and importance of solar thermal power plants and introduce the EMSP. In addition, there will be a live connection from the Hannover Messe to the plant in Portugal, including short interviews with the researchers and partners on site.

Live-Event am DLR-Stand (inkl. Livestream):

Évora Molten Salt Platform

Dienstag, 31.5.2022

10:00 Uhr Begrüßung – DLR Vorstand
Grußworte Portugiesische Delegation
Live Schalte nach Évora, Vorstellung Évora Molten Salt Platform
Geländeüberblick Évora Molten Salt Platform
10:50 Uhr Ende Live Event

Besuchen Sie uns auf der Hannover Messe und sind live vor Ort beim Live-Event dabei oder verfolgen Sie das Event im Livestream: