Continuous Preforming of Composite Profles

COPRO® (Continuous Preforming of Composite Profles) technology is a unique process for the effcient production of lightweight components via roll forming. It represents an economical alternative to the established winding, braiding and pressing process. Even complex 3D-variable fbre composite profle geometries can be continuously manufactured and fed into established processing procedures. The technology is protected by DLR via an appropriate IP portfolio, which covers COPRO Technology GmbH.

COPRO® technology ensures higher productivity and economic effciency in comparison with established production technologies. It is flexible and allows continuous remodelling from textile semi-fnished products to profle preforms in an effcient process that is easy on materials. As part of the RTM process chain, COPRO® technolgy enables the consolidation of multiple process sequences into one production step. As such, cycle rates are increased, production and changeover times shortened, and investment and maintenance costs reduced. The preforming process step has a cost-saving potential of up to 35%.

A proof of concept, a demonstrator model and two industry-oriented production plants for aviation and automotive components have been created for COPRO® technology. From the very outset, the technology has been developed for, and in conjunction with industry partners. As such, in view of its expertise in industrial research, COPRO Technology GmbH has been commissioned to develop a production plant for the production of hybrid profle components. In addition to successfully negotiate a collaboration with BMW, a research project with Airbus and a development agreement with another major aviation company, COPRO Technology GmbH is in constant dialogue with OEMs and suppliers, including companies from the transport sector.

COPRO Technology GmbH constructs and commissions production plants, as well as manufacturing pilot and small series of profle preforms and composite profles. With its range of services, COPRO Technology GmbH is looking to become a reliable partner for industrial companies in the feld of composite profle production and as a supplier of profle preforms and components.

German Aerospace Center (DLR)
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