Kinfinity Suit & Glove

Kinfinity technology

Kinfinity technology has been developed for a new generation of multimodal control instruments. This textile technology makes it possible to capture and process simple and complex movements of the user’s fingers, arms and legs. The user can thus control robot arms with simple arm movements, record the motion and visualise them as often as desired. This allows programming of simple and complex robots within a very short time without prior knowledge.

Kinfinity technology takes the user’s virtual experience to another level of intuitiveness and accuracy. It gives the user the power to manipulate objects, train workers and accurately perform any movements without the need to learn new control methods. The user’s recorded movements can be used to achieve a better result and reduce costs – even when repairs are being made. This is particularly relevant during surgical procedures or manufacturing. The smallest motions are reproduced into the visualisation software with no delay. Thanks to this smart software, the user can adapt and can control each joint position.

The focus for the development of the technology was directed towards ‘Industry 4.0’, in order to enable a high level of technical assistance and a reduction of costs, as well as simplifying the production process.

The Kinfinity technology provides a highly accurate position of the fingers, arms and legs in real time. Depending on the user’s needs, it provides the possibility of switching seamlessly between the wireless and wired solution. Thanks to the user-friendly interface integrating a smart calibration tool, the system is ready to be used by a new user within minutes. The high performance of the Kinfinity technology is achieved through the combination of several patented sensor technologies.

German Aerospace Center (DLR)
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