Limestone storage

Renewable long-term heat supply

While considerable progress has been achieved over recent years in the implementation of renewable energy sources, the heating of buildings is still predominantly covered by fossil fuels. As a result, the heating sector accounts for approximately 30 percent of annual energy-related carbon dioxide emissions across Germany. The project will thus develop and demonstrate a long-term thermochemical storage system for seasonal balancing between periods when there is a surplus of renewable electricity and the heat demand of buildings.

The technology is based on the reversible gas-solid reaction in which hydrated lime (Ca(OH)2) is converted into quicklime and water vapour, and offers promising advantages. The material is extremely inexpensive oder inexpensive and available worldwide on an almost unlimited industrial scale. All of the materials involved in the reaction are completely ecologically harmless and can easily be disposed. In addition, the technology is ideal for the long-term storage of thermal energy due to its loss free storage principle.

German Aerospace Center (DLR)
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