Modular Aerial Camera System – Search and Rescue

MACS-SaR is a highly specialised camera system specially developed for international disaster relief. When saving people’s lives, the frst 72 hours are crucial. For the rescue services arriving at the location, an initial, rapid explanation and accurate information about the current situation are therefore essential to coordinate further action. MACS-SaR generates high-resolution situation images in real-time, thereby enabling local experts to quickly assess the damage and coordinate the necessary relief efforts.

The use of MACS-SaR on a fast drone makes it possible to explore large areas within minutes. This permits the needs-based creation of up-to-date situation image maps that can be immediately used by the local task forces in the disaster area. The comprehensive aerial overview allows highly affected areas and possible access routes to be identifed and emergency services specifcally sent to the deployment sites. This saves valuable time in rescuing those buried and injured.

MACS-SaR was developed in close cooperation between the Institute of Optical Sensor Systems and the non-proft relief organisation I·S·A·R Germany (International Search and Rescue), with which DLR signed a cooperation agreement in November 2016.

In May 2017, MACS-SaR was successfully tested during an international rescue exercise supervised by the United Nations. The frst joint deployment by DLR and I·S·A·R took place following the earthquake in Mexico in September 2017. MACS-SaR is currently being adapted to the requirements for the specifc application, tested and further developed during regular exercises. The aim is for the DLR technologies to actively support international relief efforts.

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

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