Space Traffc Management and Space Port Management in Europe

In future, spaceplanes will join the air transport system, flying into space at supersonic speeds and returning inertly to earth for landing. Potentially, these innovative combined air- and spacecraft will soon be able to take off and land at ‘spaceports’ in Germany or elsewhere in Europe. This additional mode of transport represents an opportunity for promoting Germany as an industry location, but may also affect air traffc. As such, DLR is already investigating how this aviation system of the future can be integrated effectively here. This involves the selection and assessment of potential spaceports and airspace management to ensure safe take-offs and landings that will not affect other air traffc. Likewise, systems are being developed to allow the ‘Single European Sky’ to be integrated into an international framework and in the US ‘NextGen’ airspace.

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

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