ARCHES robotic mission explores Etna ‘moonscape’

LIVE event at the DLR stand (incl. livestream)

In order to test mission scenarios for robotic exploration on Earth, before setting off for the Moon or Mars, researchers look for locations that come as close as possible to the conditions on an alien celestial body. From 13 June to 9 July 2022, Mount Etna on the Italian island of Sicily will become one such ‘moonscape’. The volcanic landscape, with its granular surface, earthquakes and solidified lava layers, closely resembles the geological make-up of Earth’s natural satellite.

In the DLR live stream, we will be broadcasting live from the Etna volcano in Sicily. There, near the summit, an elaborate demonstration of the ‘Autonomous Robotic Networks to Help Modern Societies (ARCHES)’ mission from the research field of robotic exploration will take place. Researchers are using the inhospitable environment of Mount Etna as a ‘lunar analogue’. A lander, two rovers and a drone will work together autonomously, exploring their surroundings, mapping them and performing other tasks. The project and the science behind it will be presented in the live broadcast.

Saturday 25 June 2022

14:00 CEST Welcome and introduction
Live connection to the mission area on Mount Etna
Presentation of the ARCHES mission
Explanation of various scientific instruments and experiments of the demonstration mission
14:20 CEST End of live event