Rescue mobility for tomorrow – cooperation between helicopters, drones and highly automated vehicles

Communications between vehicles and with infrastructure components is a crucial success factor for the automated and networked transport system of tomorrow. DLR is already going one step further and also integrating ground-level air traffic into the common transport space.

In the Air2X project, DLR, together with ADAC Luftrettung (German air rescue service) and the semiconductor manufacturer NXP, is showing how motorway rescue missions by helicopters can be carried out more safely and faster. The focus here is also on communications between helicopters, automated and networked vehicles on the road and drones in the air. Using the appropriate communications interfaces, the helicopter first sends a signal to drones to clear the airspace in its vicinity and land. It informs the highly automated vehicles in the immediate vicinity of the location of the accident scene and the planned landing site. The automated and networked cars stop and form a barrier for all following vehicles.

This unique communications technology makes air rescue missions more independent of emergency responders on the ground. Response time can be significantly reduced, while safety for the helicopter and third parties is increased.

For the first time anywhere in the world, DLR and its partners will be showcasing this technology in the course of a live demonstration.

German Aerospace Center (DLR)
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