DLR MovingLab

Measuring mobility easily using smartphones

Reliable, up-to-date data are worth their weight in gold for mobility research. Only with their help can statements be made about the mobility behaviour of individuals and groups. They form the foundation of scientific transport models and forecasts. Transport service providers can also benefit from this.

Acceleration profiles provide information about the means of transport used

With its MovingLab, DLR has developed a unique survey and analysis method that opens up completely new possibilities. It uses what most people always have with them – mobile devices such as smartphones. The location and motion sensors installed in these allow the position of a person to be determined several times per minute. MovingLab creates acceleration profiles using changes in position. These indicate the use of a particular mode of transport, showing, for example, whether a person is travelling by car, by tram or on foot. The system automatically records all routes and the means of transport along with transfer and stopover points. Additionally, surveys can be conducted via the MovingLab app. These can be used, for example, to collect socio-demographic characteristics, general use of means of transport, attitudes or specific information on individual routes.

MovingLab system – everything from a single source

This makes individual and long-term surveys much easier, faster and more reliable. The DLR MovingLab system includes the following components: the app and website, database with data protection concept and, if required, a pool of participants.

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