Next Generation Train CARGO

Intelligent and automated freight train of the future

With NGT Cargo, DLR is showing what tomorrow’s rail-based freight transport could look like. The focus is on a comprehensive logistics concept with rail as the central mode of transport. The goals are to shorten transport times, to be much more flexible and punctual, and to significantly reduce costs. The automated NGT Cargo trains are composed of individual wagons and powerful traction units as required, and these are coupled virtually. This means that there is no longer a mechanical connection between the train components. Instead, they travel very close to one another and constantly communicate with each other about their respective positions and speeds. This also enables dynamic coupling and uncoupling. During the journey, trains and single wagons join together to form a longer train and then separate again – depending on what makes the most sense logistically. Each individual ‘intelligent’ freight wagon also knows its destination and has its own powertrain, which is based on electric motors and a battery that stores the energy recovered during braking. In this way, the individual wagons can also independently drive the last few kilometres to their specific client.

German Aerospace Center (DLR)
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