Maritime Testbed eMIR

Research infrastructure for automated and networked maritime systems

In the future, ships and other vessels will also be increasingly automated and networked. With the e-Maritime Integrated Reference Platform (eMIR) test field, DLR is researching and developing innovative processes, methods and tools for the maritime systems required to accomplish this. A key challenge is that the appropriate validation procedures are not yet available. In the development of such highly automated systems, validation provides proof of their functionality and practicality. In addition, it is absolutely necessary for compliance with safety requirements and to promote trust in such systems.

The eMIR maritime test field is open to industry and research organisations. It enables highly automated maritime assistance systems and concepts for autonomous vessels and ships to be researched and developed – in virtual space as well as under real conditions.

Linking road and water – a unique combination

The cooperation of the eMIR maritime test field and the automotive test field in Lower Saxony will enable joint investigations of multimodal freight transport. Such research will play an important role in automated port operations, for example. Here, intelligent autonomous freight vehicles meet their maritime counterparts and must interact successfully and efficiently. It also allows a more whole-system perspective on an important segment of the overall transport system.

German Aerospace Center (DLR)
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