Experience earth observation (VR)

Earth observation – an indispensable global tool

Almost 10,000 satellites are currently orbiting Earth, and the number is constantly growing. In the last two years alone, the United Nations has registered over 3000 satellite launches. Communications, navigation, live broadcasts and even stock exchange trading and balancing the European power grid depend on these artificial celestial bodies. Science and environmental monitoring account for only a small part of the satellite fleet. However, there is no alternative to Earth observation satellites; they are the only means of continuously and globally providing an objective overview of the planet. The data from Earth observation satellites do not simply show how the environment and climate are changing. Most importantly, they provide a basis for addressing these developments and adapting society accordingly.

What about forests, areas of water, or the air in cities? Where should the necessary technical or policy measures be targeted to counteract such changes? Where can solar, wind or bioenergy be deployed? Data from space help to find solutions for the far-reaching social changes that are to come. The DLR stand allows viewers to immerse themselves virtually in the fascinating world of remote sensing and obtain an insight into the diverse possibilities of the technologies. Through its institutes, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) boasts unique system expertise across all stages, from the conception, planning and implementation of a mission to data reception, data processing, scientific analysis, information product generation and the further development of the necessary components.


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