Leverage Robotics

Flexible Robot Station for assembly and start-of-line applications

Leverage Robotics is a DLR spin-off that develops highly flexible robot assembly stations for safe and efficient human-robot collaboration.

International conflicts and persistent delivery delays are prompting European companies to rethink reshoring and regional production. However, staff shortages and the cost of regional production present challenges. Intelligent automation technologies can address these issues and overcome many of the challenges through simple and intuitive robotics. DLR is a pioneer in these technologies, having developed the initial key technologies for human-robot collaboration. However, the flexibility of such systems has not yet been guaranteed, and integrating them incurs a great deal of effort and expense.

The ‘Flexible Robot Station’ exhibit presents the latest methods, technologies and system components designed to significantly reduce set-up times and costs. The ‘end-of-arm technologies’ being showcased at the Hannover Messe, which feature an innovative tool concept that enables handling a wide variety of objects in multi-task applications, can quickly adapt to new circumstances thanks to a user-friendly interface. In addition, each of these tools has corresponding pre-programmed software modules, which are known as ‘robot skills’. They allow robots to be programmed intuitively, even by non-experts. Applications in logistics, assembly, quality, or packaging of complex products can thus be implemented quickly and easily. This can help counteract the outsourcing of production to low-wage countries and even bring it back to Europe.


German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics
Dr. Roman Weitschat | Email roman.weitschat@dlr.de