Drones and smart image analysis for condition monitoring of solar fields

Volateq is an innovative technology start-up that emerged as a spin-off from DLR. Its products include software using drones and intelligent image analysis automated condition monitoring of solar fields. This is based on the Q-Fly technology developed at DLR. Q-Fly provides highly accurate geometry, tracking and heat loss data for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants. Volateq has advanced this technology, adapted it to the needs of power plant operators and expanded it to include photovoltaic technology.

Volateq’s web app serves as the basis for collecting and evaluating data as well as interpreting and visualising the results. The application is based on a digital twin stored in the app. Users capture the necessary image data for analysis using commercially available drones. After the upload to the cloud the automated software evaluates this image data.actionable results for operation and planning maintenance tasks are visualized in the web app

The unique features of Volateq include the combination of anomalie detection with patented soiliing measurement for photovoltaic and CSP power plants. Volateq has also simplified drone flightdata acquisition routines in a wayo that they can even be conducted by drone pilots without thermography expertise. This gives customers unprecedented autonomy and flexibility.


Anne Schlierbach | Email anne.schlierbach@volateq.de