3D Input GmbH

The next level of 3D interface between human and machine

The German company 3D Input GmbH offers a miniaturised technology that enables the simultaneous input of all six degrees of freedom (6 DOF) for new human-machine interfaces.

Whenever digital three-dimensional (3D) representations are available to a user, they are prompted to move within this 3D model. 3D movements are currently realised through gesture control on two-dimensional touchscreens, which interpret multiple touch points via mouse and trackball input devices, as well as buttons, to switch between axes and planes. In this way, each degree of freedom is separately navigated. With 3D Input, on the other hand, a continuous, simultaneous and sensitive input is possible. Thanks to its very compact design – the sensor unit has a diameter of only 10 millimetres and a height of 8 millimetres – it can be integrated into, for example, current mobile phones and tablets.

3D Input GmbH’s key technology can be used to produce three-dimensional input devices that control up to six degrees of freedom simultaneously. They thus enable control of all spatial dimensions: the three translational directions of movement on the x, y and z axes, as well as the three rotational directions – that is, the rotations around the three axes.

This special, miniaturised design is a more sensitive solution compared to others. It can be used with mobile devices, peripheral computer devices and special applications, such as robot control panels. The next step is to develop and offer a special application for mobile navigation. Potential customers are technology companies in the fields of smartphones, computer peripherals and special applications, such as navigation device manufacturers. The new technology enables end customers to experience 3D functionality in a new way and creates a new mobile feature for 3D applications.


German Aerospace Centre (DLR)
Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics
DLR – Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics – 3D Input
Armin Wedler – E-Mail armin.wedler@dlr.de