Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility

Family of six projects

Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility (GX4FM) provides the foundations and practical applications to digitally transform the transport system. The family of projects promotes the emergence of a market for digital services and scalable solutions for environmentally friendly and efficient transport and logistics.

This includes mobility services with quality improvements to public transport and its networking, with future automated offers that cover the last mile and enable the seamless interlocking use of different means of transport as well as the predictive management of transport infrastructures.

Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility is coordinated by the DLR Institute for AI Safety and Security and comprises six projects: Gaia-X 4 AMS, Gaia-X 4 ROMS, Gaia-X 4 moveID, Gaia-X 4 AGEDA, Gaia-X 4 PLC-AAD and Gaia-X 4 KI. Together, more than 80 companies and research institutions are working on over 20 use cases in the six cooperating consortia.

At Hannover Messe, GX4FM will be presenting numerous solutions for sustainable mobility across over 70 square metres, with its constituent six projects presenting both their individual and joint results. The main focus is the result of their cross-project collaboration, ‘Base-X’, an open digital basis for system innovations that optimises the shared use of data and services. Base-X is scalable, international and economical – and paves the way for networked, intelligent and sustainable mobility and logistics.

At the trade fair, a four-metre-high media tower presents select mobility applications: bus stop management, introduction of autonomous driving, road condition monitoring and intermodal mobility. Thanks to the high degree of realism, these stands illustrate well the practical and everyday benefits of Base-X for end users, municipalities and industry. Two larger demonstrations invite visitors to actively explore: a dynamic installation explains the autonomous parcel station of the future and the shuttle from the NeMo.Bil project shows 1:1 how we will be able to experience automated mobility comprehensively and reliably with Base-X in the future.


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Institute for AI Safety
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