Integrated development of complex systems with virtual testbeds

The INVIRTES project aims to develop concepts for the construction of a crystallisation point where complex systems in the area of space robotics and related felds can be developed. This crystallisation point is intended to support development as a so-called engineering backbone and bring together the results at a central location. In order to ensure that this central point is used effectively for project planning, coordination and verifcation in associated projects, its mobile reference installation was developed and built as a 3D compatible 80-inch monitor with a connected simulation computer. The installation can be used at numerous locations to suit the specifc tasks. It is therefore a crucial building block in the verifcation and communication of findings, and contains individual reference applications.

The developments within INVIRTES and the numerous innovations on virtual testbeds that have already been conducted and are still scheduled provide a concept for a comprehensive methodical toolkit in the felds of crucial importance to German space robotics.

Possible scenarios: ISS simulation (interior/exterior), approach service module for the ISS, Mars Rover, iBOSS as a reconfgurable satellite.

German Aerospace Center (DLR)
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