CoRe HeaT

Continuous Resistance Heating Technology

Continuous Resistance Heating Technology (CoRe HeaT) is being developed as an alternative heating method for the Automated Fibre Placement process (AFP) at the DLR Center for Lightweight-Production-Technology in Stade. Like other heating methods – such as infrared, laser or hot gas – the technology can also be used for similar processes like tape laying, winding or braiding.

The outstanding attribute of the technology is its extremely high heating rate. Heating carbon fibre materials at rates in excess of 100,000 K/s leads to completely new possibilities. Process temperatures of up to 450 degrees Celsius are reached within milliseconds. Even with challenging materials like PEEK or PEKK tapes, the maximum layup speed is theoretically only limited by the available robotics. In comparison to competing heating devices like lasers, the technology is less expensive and, in addition, makes possible smaller end effectors that are better suited to laying up complex part geometries.

German Aerospae Center (DLR)

Institute of Composite Structures and Adaptive Systems

Yannis Grohmann · ·