DLR Projektträger

A service provider for innovation in Germany and the rest of Europe

With around 1600 employees, the DLR Projektträger covers the broadest range of subjects of any German project management agency. It runs the gamut from education, equal opportunities, health, society, innovation, technology, environment, and sustainability all the way through to cooperation within Europe and the rest of the world. As such, the DLR Projektträger offers all of its services on an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary basis. Our centres of excellence for science communication, public relations and analysis and evaluation round off the range of services.

As a service provider, the DLR Projektträger is committed to serving as a major hub for research, education, and innovation. It analyses societal trends, drafts strategies for action and provides the strategic impetus.

Decentrally structured but globally networked

Clients of the DLR Projektträger include federal and state ministries, the European Commission, scientific organisations, associations and foundations. It provides advice on strategies and projects, and implements funding programmes and evaluates their impact. It also supports knowledge transfer, controls dialogue processes, establishes networks and stimulates international cooperation.
The DLR Projektträger plans and acts in a joined-up way within the Agency itself and with its partners in Germany and abroad. It covers the entire value chain, from knowledge generation and transfer to market-oriented, social and sustainable utilisation.

DLR Projektträger: a versatile driver of innovation

In 2022, the DLR Projektträger was responsible for a funding volume of around 1.9 billion euros, benefiting over 15,000 funding plans in business, science and society.

As a certified service provider, the Projektträger is a key pillar of DLR and complements its scientific direction. It is a byword for reliability in complex procedures and processes, together with absolute neutrality.


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DLR Projektträger
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